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Product & Service Offering

The ADIA product and service offering is primarily didactic; carefully chosen to provide insight into core concepts within each science discipline as outlined in science curriculum of each Canadian province. Where possible, products are correlated to specific lessons required by the respective science curricula in each province.  Additionally, product lines are chosen to provide value to the instructors in the classroom or laboratory setting. It is ADIA’s company goal to provide the best possible information, resources, and tools to help those engaged in the teaching process to achieve success.

There are many paths to successful teaching and learning.  It is not ADIA’s role to tell educators what is best for their programs.  Instead the role of the company is to help educators to identify what they require to be successful and to provide what they need in the form of products, resources, and services.  This includes consultative recommendations based on customer input.  ADIA’s recommendations are offered in consideration of the specific needs that customers identify.

3B Scientific - Product Overview

3B Scientific is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of Anatomy, Biology, and Physics teaching equipment. 3B is committed to bringing a quality product at a fair price to teachers. 3B products are developed in consultation with scientific and medical professionals. Products are unconditionally warranted for 3 years.

Skeleton & Models

Medical Trainers

Anatomical Charts

Physics Apparatus

Biology Supplies


3B Scientific Products - Benefits to Educators

  • High Quality Products: All products are designed to a high standard and inspected for quality
  • Unique and Exclusive/Proprietary items: 3B Scientific manufactures many of its own products that are unique and not offered by other suppliers
  • 3Year Warranty on all items: This is unmatched in the industry
  • Price Competitive
  • Unique and extensive line of anatomical models and medical training equipment



Edvotek - Product Overview

Since 1987, E D V O T E K® -- The Biotechnology Education Company® has been solely dedicated to biotechnology education. EDVOTEK's mission is to spearhead the effort in educating the men and women who will be the researchers and leaders of tomorrow. All EDVOTEK experiments include detailed teacher/student protocols and are backed by superb customer service, technical support and prompt shipping and delivery.

DNA Models & Kits

Equipment & Supplies


Medical Diagnosis

Electrophoresis Lab Stations

Edvotek Products - Benefits to Educators

  • Unique & sophisticated biotechnology equipment
  • Convenience Packaging: Specifically designed and packaged for use in teaching classrooms and labs. Greatly reduces a teacher’s prep time and makes experiment outcomes much more reliable.
  • High Quality Written Resources: Set up instruction, operating procedures, background info, expected outcome data, and history.
  • Time efficiency and cost reduction: Kit packaging and the resources provided will greatly reduce teacher prep time.
  • Safety, storage, and disposal: No need to store large quantities of chemicals. Kits are designed for the number of students in a class.




Lab Aids - Product Overview

Founded in 1963, Lab-Aids goal is to provide the science teacher unique and exciting products that help facilitate meaningful “hands-on” experience in the classroom. Our “Applied Science Concept Kits” were developed and designed by teachers, and have been successfully used in classrooms for over 40 years.LAB-AIDS remains committed to packaging all of our kits at an economical “cost per student” price; the packages save teachers hours of lab preparation time.

Lab-Aids is the exclusive publisher of inquiry-based core curriculum science programs developed by the SEPUP Group of the Lawrence Hall of Science and the Ergopedia Group in Boston, MA. Our programs are used daily by millions of students.Teachers using LAB-AIDS materials typically place emphasis on design and problem-solving in learning situations that weave together the disciplines through topics (e.g. forensic science, bio-engineering, and sustainable agriculture). Students take on project-based investigations, which often require original research where they must use technology to gather and analyze data, design, test, and improve upon a proposed solution, and then communicate their findings to their peers.

SEPUP Middle School Curriculum

Applied Science Concept Kits

A Natural Approach to Chemistry

Lab-Aids Products - Benefits to Educators

  • Classroom packages and convenience packages: Packaged for group activities (from 15 to 35 students) and Packaged for easy setup & clean-up.
  • Aligned to current teaching models (inquiry learning, authentic assessment, issues based activity & more…): Allows educators to implement current proposed teaching methods that require greater time commitments.
  • High quality written materials provided
  • Equipment and materials are specifically designed for teaching.
  • Safety, storage, and disposal: All chemicals are 100% non-hazardous.
  • Curriculum courses include textbooks and equipment: Schools and school boards can greatly reduce their text book and laboratory equipment costs and teach in currently recommended learning models.