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About ADIA

ADIA Educational Resources is an innovative educational products supplier located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company provides a wide range of products and services to educators for the purpose of teaching science concepts in schools  This include supplies, equipment, resources, materials, written curriculum and lessons, technical support, training, professional development and much more.  

Our mission is to help science teachers to achieve success as outlined in each of the provincial science curriculum in Canada.  We have a broad base of suppliers who have developed innovative products and teaching strategies.  Please contact us to learn more about ways that we can be of assistance to help you achieve success with your program.

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Why is Science Important?

The science discipline is considered to be one of the core underpinnings of an advanced society. In many forums (including economic, governmental, and academic) the strength of the academic and applied science workforce is viewed as an indicator of a nation's ability to sustain itself. Maintaining a citizenry that is well versed in the sciences is a key portion of the educational agenda of all provinces across Canada.

Introduction of key science concepts at the primary and secondary levels (even as early as junior kindergarten) is essential as science literacy is collective for any society whose individuals continue to learn, build, and grow over a lifetime. As individual Canadians enter the workforce, a college training program, or a university discipline an increasingly competitive landscape demands that our citizens rank as world leaders in research, knowledge, and the application of scientific principles to industrial, engineering, medical, technical, and other important fields.

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Success for Science Education in Canada

Modern research and newly developed teaching models point to revised teaching strategies that make the understanding of concepts the focus of instruction rather than prior strategies that emphasized rote memorization and recitation. The effectiveness of this approach is backed by recent investigations into learning that includes models of “discovery learning”, “inquiry-based learning”, and “authentic assessment”.  These ideas are now incorporated into each provincial science curricula in Canada.

The goal of science education has shifted from merely producing scientists, researchers, teachers, and individuals skilled in the applied sciences to producing a broad scientifically literate society.  Science literacy for all Canadians is the goal.  This is so because individuals in a modern democracy must be positioned to make informed decisions about science, health, technology, the economy, and political action. Teaching in this manner produces an additional positive outcome.  It promotes and reinforces problem solving skills, a much sought after result in education. Current trends in science education address these needs.

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Our Product & Service Offering

The ADIA product and service offering is primarily didactic; carefully chosen to provide insight into core concepts within each science discipline as outlined in science curriculum of each Canadian province. Where possible, products are correlated to specific lessons required by the respective science curricula in each province.  Additionally, product lines are chosen to provide value to the instructors in the classroom or laboratory setting. It is ADIA’s company goal to provide the best possible information, resources, and tools to help those engaged in the teaching process to achieve success.


There are many paths to successful teaching and learning.  It is not ADIA’s role to tell educators what is best for their programs.  Instead we help educators to identify what they require to be successful and to provide what they need in the form of products, resources, and services.  This includes consultative recommendations based on customer input.  ADIA’s recommendations are offered in consideration of the specific needs that our customers identify.

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ADIA’s Benefits for Teachers


  1. To provide high quality products,
    Solid, well made, classroom tested, safe…

  2. To minimize the costs to implement effective and successful science teaching,
    Efficient use, effective planning, no special lab rooms, eliminates redundancies…

  3. To align products and resources to provincially mandated science curricula,
    A resource for teacher planning and implementation…

  4. To advocate and promote effective science teaching strategies,
    Inquiry Learning, Discovery, Activity-Based, Contextual, Assessment Tools…

  5. To reduce teacher prep and implementation time,
    Packaged products that are prepared for classroom and laboratory use…

  6. To provide added-value resources
    Background information, teacher resources, questions, lab-activities, etc…

  7. Safety
    Eliminate hazardous chemicals, Eliminate storage, Disposal, etc…

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The Values of our Organization

We are privileged to serve the educational community in Canada.  We accept that this is not a right and that we must work diligently to protect our reputation with our customers.  We recognize that our customers serve the public good.  As such, we also support, and are an advocate for, the public good and in all ways must uphold the trust that we have established.


What we Value at ADIA Educational Resources:


  • Integrity
    Honesty shapes our actions and approach in every situation. In all ways we endeavor to say what we mean and mean what we say. Much in the business side of education relies on repetitive and recurring opportunities with established customers. We must maintain an honest approach to retain the trust that will give our customers incentive to rely on us.

  • Enthusiasm
    We recruit, develop, and promote individuals who like what they do and can bring enthusiasm to the job at hand. Regardless of background or educational experience it is important for those at ADIA to communicate and show a sense of enthusiasm.  There is a lot to be excited about within education, particularly within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. We do this because we know our customers are enthusiastic about what they do.  Our enthusiasm, and support for them, will help us to build better relationships.

  • Development
    Fundamentally, we are in the business of people development.  We acknowledge our role and responsibility in helping to prepare teachers and students for the challenges they will face.  There can not be a better or more important job. The same is true for us and for the individuals within our organization.  We look for individuals who find ways to improve themselves both personally and professionally.  The world changes every day.  We must continue to develop ourselves so that we can remain innovative, competitive, and can properly address the current needs of our customers.

  • Commitment
    We believe that real initiative occurs only when individuals are committed to the endeavours that they pursue.  The same is true for our organization as a whole.  Commitment means follow through.  Commitment transcends words.  It has to be about action.

  • Advocacy
    We must all recognize that as citizens we, at times, must be prepared to serve the common good and the good of others.  There could be no more basic theme or principle underlying the field of education. Teachers serve others in a larger sense that transcends their own immediate needs.  Through their service, as the principal advocate for the students in their charge, we as a society may pass on, to each succeeding generation, the essential skills, knowledge, and expertise that they will require.  Additionally, teachers serve as mentors who can help individuals to take advantage of their greatest strengths. At ADIA we view our role, with all constituents of the educational community, as one of advocacy.  We serve as advocates for parents, teachers, educators, students, manufacturers, and our suppliers.  We serve their good as well as our own and are prepared to support their efforts with the greatest possible commitment that we can provide.

  • Professionalism
    We abide by the standards & practices of the educational community.  Additionally, we are business professionals and adhere to the appropriate practices of that community as well. At ADIA we seek individuals with expert and specialized knowledge in education and within the STEM disciplines. We demand a high quality of work in our products, services, presentations, consultancy, research, administrative, marketing, and other work endeavours. We uphold a high standard of professional ethics, behaviour, and work activities while carrying out our duties in service to our customers.

  • Hard Work
    All honest work has value. Regardless of whether a pursuit is academic or vocational, white color or blue color; it is a universally accepted principle that those who can demonstrate dedication to the job at hand will achieve far greater result. We as individuals are best able to determine what is in our own interest and to find our own path. Once we are on that path, we owe it to ourselves and others to give our best effort and to not take the easy road but to pursue the difficult tasks as these are the most lasting and provide the greatest reward.  In this way we serve as the best possible example to others.

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